This is Parckwart’s website.

Normal Internet www.parckwart.de
Tor Onion Service Version 2 parckwartvo7fskp.onion
Tor Onion Service Version 3 45tbhx5prlejzjgn36nqaxqb6qnm73pbohuvqkpxz2zowh57bxqawkid.onion

Email: mail at parckwart dot de (PGP key)

I am running relays for the Tor Network since 2015. If you want to support me financially in doing so, you may send Bitcoin donations to the following address: 1JX4dyYXPtZwZ8p8LdyLvKhHRfNvNJZJ94. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining relays.

Computer Stuff

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There are some random files here. Mostly garbage. There are people who find some of it amusing. Should not be taken too seriously.