This is Parckwart’s website.

You can also just call me Jonathan. Take your pick. I don’t really care.

Normal Internet
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Email: mail at parckwart dot de (PGP key)


Disclaimer: Some of my friends and family have email accounts in the domain. Any email that doesn’t originate from the above address was not sent by me.

This is my personal website where I collect some ideas of mine. The views expressed are nothing but my own views.

I currently study Computer engineering at the TU Darmstadt.

Whoever may wish to contact me shall do so via email, preferably using PGP encryption. I despise the use of large, centralized networks run by profit-oriented companies, such as Facebook or Twitter, which will sell one’s data and violate one’s human rights for profit in the current economic landscape. Additionally, one has to worry about surveillance of their communications by state agencies, which are just as determined to violate one’s privacy as corporations are. It is best practice to trust neither one of them and educate yourself in privacy-protecting technologies.

English is not my mother tongue. The language on this website may be imperfect.

Computer Stuff

I run a few relays for the Tor network.


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There are some random files here. Mostly garbage.

I always wanted to publish some thoughts about poltics and stuff on this site. But I’m just too lazy…