Welcome to my website!

Normal Internet www.parckwart.de
Tor Onion Service Version 2 parckwartvo7fskp.onion
Tor Onion Service Version 3 45tbhx5prlejzjgn36nqaxqb6qnm73pbohuvqkpxz2zowh57bxqawkid.onion

Email: mail at parckwart dot de (PGP key)


Disclaimer: Some of my friends and family have email accounts in the parckwart.de domain. Any email that doesn’t originate from the above address was not sent by me.

This is my personal website where I collect some ideas of mine. The views expressed are nothing but my own views.

Computer Stuff

I run a few relays for the Tor network.


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More to come… one day!